Project: Screw It 2013   Project: Save Our Soup 2012   Project: Huddle  2012   Project: Everything but the manual 2011
Project: A family of objects 2011   Project: Living&Design, Osaka, Japan 2010   Product: Not a square 2010   Project: Workshops cardboard design, Skopje, Macedonia 2010
Product: Holland by night 2009   Product: Cardboard Lounge 2009   Project: Priceless Necklace 2008   One-off: The lamp formerly known as trombone 2008
Project: Stefan loves Stefan 2008   Project: Net trofee 2008   Product: Not a box 2007   Product: FIY (Finish It Yourself) 2007
Product: Don't spill your coffee table 2007   One-off: This side up 2005   Product: Not a lamp 2004