Not a square


A flat pack fruit presenter. The flexibility of the elements allow the corners of the square to curl up and create a bow... (show more)

Holland by night


Holland by night is a 3d printed table lamp based on the light emissions in The Netherlands. The lamp shows a light map of Holland... (show more)

Cardboard Lounge


Cardboard Lounge is a full size easy chair made from heavy duty corrugated cardboard. You assemble the chair yourself by simply sl... (show more)

Not a box


This lamp comes as a box with all parts inside (bulb, plug, cable etc. + manual). You cut top and bottom yourself and then install... (show more)

FIY (Finish It Yourself)


The “FIY” children's chair is a Finish It Yourself product. Finish It Yourself is one step beyond Do It Yours... (show more)

Don't spill your coffee table


Coffee table made up from heavy duty corrugated cardboard parts that are flatpacked and slide together for easy assembly with th... (show more)

Not a lamp


Lamp packaged in itself. Content: not a lamp.

Dimensions (l x w x h) 21 x 16 x 32 cm
  (show more)