Screw It


Screw It is a collection of products reinterpreting the familiar PET bottle in unfamiliar ways.

Making clever use of the universal screw top, the 3D prin... (show more)

Save Our Soup


Plastic, indestructible and endlessly recyclable. Time and time again the material can be broken down and shaped into new products. Like super clay. Strangely e... (show more)



Just like the penguins in the Antarctic huddle to survive the extreme cold during the winter time also people have taken on huddling as a strategy for survival.... (show more)

Everything but the manual


A furniture system that has the potential to be anything. The design aims to offer possibilities instead of the ultimate form.

Form follows flexibil... (show more)

A family of objects


5 functional objects connected by material, color, personality and a lack of ... (show more)

Living&Design, Osaka, Japan


Concept and design for the stand of the Dutch Consulate of Osaka at the Living&Design fair in Osaka, Japan. The outside of the pavilion is covered with a print ... (show more)

Workshops cardboard design, Skopje, Macedonia


Leading a masterclass and workshops during 3 weeks for a group of 17 Macedonian students and young professionals from the fields of design, architecture and fin... (show more)

Bee Board Bench


Three seat sofa made completely out of bee board. Center piece for the symposium "Building sustainability".

Commisioned by TNT. (show more)

Triodos Bank


Furnishing of the stand of Triodos Bank for the Provada fair, RAI Amsterdam. (show more)

Extra Ordinary


Presentation at gallery Liefhertje en de Grote Witte Reus in The Hague. (show more)

Priceless Necklace


The Priceless Necklace is an unlimited edition and has no price. Because value is emotion and therefore strictly personal, you determine the price yourself. You... (show more)

Stefan loves Stefan


Two Stefan chairs, the most basic chair from the IKEA catalogue, share one front leg to create a love chair. Entry for the Platform 21 Hacking IKEA competiti... (show more)



Design for several products that inhabitants of the districts Geuzeveld en Slotermeer in Amsterdam can make themselves from locally found garbage in so called D... (show more)

Net trofee


Design for the NET trophy, a national award for energy efficient living and working. Commissioned by Senter Novem. The trophy is a tulip vase in the shape of an... (show more)

I'm too sexy for the sidewalk


With design becoming more and more a digital affair and the internet becoming more and more widespread, there is an opportunity for a break up of designing a pr... (show more)